Skills & Services

I am located in Roseville, California and provide services in Placer, Sacramento, and surrounding counties. Here are the services that I offer:


We will meet two times during the course of your pregnancy in order to prepare for your birth. Each meeting will be about two hours and we will create a birth plan as well as discuss any issues, concerns, and preferences you may have. The second meeting will be a labor rehearsal session where we will practice various labor coping techniques/comfort measures.

Labor and Birth

On the big day, I join you in labor when you decide you need support. This may be either at your home or upon your arrival at the hospital. During the course of labor, I guide and support you with my continuous presence and physical, informational, and emotional support. This may look like physically assisting you into different laboring and birthing positions, wiping your brow with a cool cloth, refilling your water bottle, encouraging you with positive words, affirming your hard work, and creating space and time for you and your partner to obtain the full accurate information needed to make any decisions that may come up. I am on call 24/7 from two weeks before the due date until two weeks after. I am also available via email, phone and text for unlimited support (within business hours) in the weeks leading up to labor.


I will provide one visit after the birth, within the first two weeks. It will last approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours. At this visit, I will provide a listening ear to help process the birth experience and the emotions that go with it, and to see how the immediate postpartum adjustment is going. Also, referrals can be provided to other services as needed. For example, lactation consultants, mental health professionals, postpartum doulas, etc.

Lactation Support

I have been (and remain) a La Leche League Leader for the past 4 years, and have additionally completed lactation courses at American River College and have a certificate as a Lactation Educator Counselor. I have also breastfed my own three children. With this training and experience I can offer assistance, counsel and advice to address many basic issues and obstacles that may occur as breastfeeding is a learned skill for both mother and baby. Additional fees apply for lactation services.

Prenatal Class – What to Expect During the Early Weeks

2hour private class covers: latch, positioning including laid back, the first days/weeks of nursing, how to know if baby is getting enough milk, milk supply, sore nipples, fussy baby, etc.

Postpartum Trouble shooting session: I will customize to whatever issue you are facing and provide in person assistance and support. The calm presence of an experienced breastfeeding helper can reassure you as both you and baby learn this new skill. I will come to you in your home.


  • Private 2-Hour Prenatal Class
  • $8000
  • one time
  • In home Postpartum Breastfeeding Help
  • $6000
  • per hour
  • Complete doula services and lactation support
  • $100000
  • one time